How to build a kick-ass Company Portfolio?

Company portfolio is everything an organization would want to showcase. Starting from the motto, mission, history, culture, strategies to processes, it should cover all the core wings. I would call them the abstract items of a portfolio that are discernible, yet necessary to be mentioned to portray the company in good light. The next set is the core construction of the company. It comprises of the products or services, achievements, goals, client database, technologies, company blog etc.

The title slide/page need not be flashy, yet needs to be striking. It need not be bright, but it ought to be bold to stand out. The title page comprises of the web address as well as the motto/vision. Begin the portfolio with a crisp introduction and a short description about the functions of the company. This can be followed by the products and services. After this, the prospective clientele would look for the strategies you employ as a company to achieve set goals. The strategies can be further classified to branch as methodologies or processes that deserve a mention.

The next section involves the technologies used to support or develop your product. This slide is the most informative slide for clients looking for a service via a specific technology. It also showcases the tech-savviness of the company.

You can also transform the flow by listing out the work domains and map the respective technology used to work on those domains. Domains can be banking, finance, retail, supply-chain, real-estate etc.

The next best thing to be proud of in your portfolio is the customer database. This slide is a showcase of customer brands you are associated with. No matter how new or how old your company is, the weightage this section carries is humongous. Your success-growth chart is directly proportional to your client database.

Now, you can give information regarding the founders and the history of the company. You could also talk about the spark that ignited the growth and formation of the company. You could mention the problem you are solving by addressing the larger predicament that always needed a solution and, how you expounded to come up with a solution.

You could end the portfolio with contact information and links to company blogs or forums or discussion panels. This concludes your activity over your products. Renewal schemes, policies, terms and conditions may be included if it is an elaborate portfolio. Otherwise, contact details give a good closure to the portfolio.


7 thoughts on “How to build a kick-ass Company Portfolio?

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