7 Myths about Social Media

Social Media needs no introduction as it is the most prevalent form of “common-man” journalism. Although social media means networking, sharing and connecting, there are other sides to the pros of it. To list a few, here are the myths.

  1. Social media is for big businesses: Social media is even more crucial for your business if you have just started up. How do you get the word out there to achieve market growth? Yes the big sharks are scary! But, it is essential to keep swimming.
  2. Social media will transform email communication: Social media has nothing to do with transforming email communication as the one thing you need to sign up for any social media network (SMN), is an email. Hence, be rest assured, email is not going to go anywhere any soon.
  3. Social media marketing is different from Content marketing: What is social media without content? Social media will only be a vestigial place without constant content generation. Social media thrives on fresh content. If your social media campaigns aren’t fetching you any good, it is time to check your content marketing strategies. And, what is content marketing without social media? Where shall you market your content except for SMN? Period. They are inter-dependent and intertwined. They both form the DNA of marketing in today’s highly competitive business world.
  4. Putting out too much data is spilling out the beans: Indeed it isn’t. If you think you are giving out too much information for free, you are mistaken. The more you know, the more you speak. Likewise, the more information you give about your product, there is better establishment of trust amongst your customers. How else will someone in a corner of the world be willing to buy what you produce in another corner? It is harnessing the power of writing which will fetch you trust and push your brand value upwards.
  5. Social media is only for the youth: This statement is obsolete the moment social media was out there. Although networking sites are popular amongst the youth, all age groups do hold activity online almost all the time.
  6. Social media censoring is easy: Just because it is available for free, it is not equivalent to one’s sense of freedom. The heaviest problems of social media today can and should be trolls; who do not know to disagree! Channelizing opinions and the online culture is a challenge social media management faces. Today’s governments have an extra job of regulating online channels to maintain peace and harmony.
  7. Social media marketing is complicated: It gets tedious to keep posting, tweeting and redoing the monotonous tasks over and over again on various platforms in the name of being up to date. How do you achieve this efficiently? There is an answer to this. There are many tools to you rescue to make your SMM tasks a cakewalk. Make sure you utilize the power of tools like Hootsuite, Sendible, Social Booster, Buffer, Viralheat etc.

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